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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Inspired by Makeup

A collection of Makeup and Hairstyling I have used for my past photoshoots. The secrets, revealed. LETS GET INSPIRED!

THE LOOK: Dramatic. Eye shadow is applied from one eye across to the other blending in the eyebrows. A light layer of shimmer is dabbed underneath the eye bags. Apply some coloured lipsticks and smudge it off.  To finish of the look, tease the hair and add some dried leaf. Makeup by Charmeleon makeup.

THE LOOK: A little bit of colour wont hurt. This look was used for one of my Harajuku inspired shoots. The look is quite fresh and fun. Eyeshadow is applied to the eye. A contrast colour is applied to one eye to create an assymetrical look. The eyebrows are drawn for definition. A light layer of orange eyeshadow is applied on the forehead and blended to the cheek to emphasis check bone. Red lipsticks is used on the lip with a slight gold colour applied to the center of the lips like Geisha. Makeup by Charmeleon Makeup

THE LOOK: The lips or the eye? With makeup you tend to choose to focus on one feature of the face. In this case its the lip. I've used Mac lipstick mix to mix this pastel green color. The eyes are defined with one thick stroke of eyeliner and thick lashes is applied. It is finished with a soft touch of blush to emphasis check bone. To create this updo hairstyle, first to the hair up in a high pony tail and brush through neatly. Then, tease the hair and comb to front. Finish off with some strong hairspray. Hair and Makeup by Dee.
THE LOOK: Japanese Inspired! After reading Memoirs of a geisha i was inspired from the looks of these beauty wonders. I applied pink eyeshadows to the outer edge of the eye and a white shimmer to the inside of the eye to pick up the colour from the flowers. No eyeliner is applied only a thin layer of mascara. The brows are lightly defined with brown eyeshadow. After applying some gloss on the lips I've applied pearls on the top and bottom lips.  The hair has been lightly teased and pinned up. Finish off the look by pinning loose flowers onto one side of the hair. I also brushed some eyeshadow on one side of the face where the flowers are to give depth to the look. Makeup and Hair by Dee
THE LOOK: Keep it Clean. The face is kept clean with only foundation and bronzer. Nude lipstick colour is applied to the lips. Black eyeshadow is applied to the eyes and across the nose bridge. To pick up the green eyes green feather is used and stuck above the eyes as eyebrows. WAA LAA! Makeup by Charmeleon Makeup

THE LOOK: Couture touch. This was the look I used for one of my couture looks. Picking up the colours from the metal neck piece interesting eye shadow colours are applied around the eyes, eyebrows and down to the cheek. Some gloss is applied to the lips. The Hair was fun to create. I have used a cardboard cone to create the point shape on the head. After securing the cone on the head with bobby pins i rapped the hair around to hide the cone. I've used her fringe to create curls at the front. Alot of hair spray was used to hold up this look. AHH! Makeup by Charmeleon Makeup. Hair done by Dee
THE LOOK: Blue me away. Bronze makeup is applied to the outter rim of the eye and a gold eyeshadow is applied to the inside rim.  Brush the checks with some bronzer and define the eyes with a brown eye shadow. Finish with mixing a blue lipstick colour. I used lipstick mixers from MAC. Makeup by Dee and Hair by Toni&Guy Hair Stylist Michal Piotr Jacwicz

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