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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Modern Bride

"LWR Bridal"

Hand embroided lace, sparkling swarovski beads, multiple layering of different textures. That all describes my idea of bridal.  My interpretation of bridal is not your average ball gown. I want a dress that allows us to expose our youth, the fun and quirky side of everyone. I have been working on a small capsule range of Bridal dresses and is excited to shoot them. This is one of the looks I've put together.

Special Thanks to,
Photographer: Jason Duda
Model: Madeline Mason

THE MAKEUP and HAIR: This is quite an interesting Couture look. I chose to use this model because of the bold colour of her hair. Because the dress is quite simple, I could play a little more with the styling. I used the same Azure colour eyeshadow to balance out the look of the hair and makeup. The eyes are defined by exaggerating the center and sides of the eye, following it to the hair. The makeup is finished with eyeliner at the top of the eye and glue on lashes. A soft layer of bronzer is brushed onto the cheeks. To create the shape of the hair we teased the hair and smoothed it out to an updo. To finish the look I added a row of flowers to the centre of the hairline.

I quite like the result of my hand sewn on lace to shoulder pads. Quite quirky as a jewellery piece
 Love the blue hair? An updo hair styled with a row of clip on flowers. Quite effective!!

Watch the video of our fun day

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